My brand’s story begins with my own story

The best way to start talking about my brand is telling you my story. The story that led me to the way I've been creating since then. When I was a child I used to play with my grandma’s jewelry box, I started bringing new meanings to my little world, transforming old pieces into something unique.

Brazil was the scenario for my first chapter

When reminiscing of my own path, I can see myself in my twenties transforming raw metals into shapes I created in my mind. And this is still the essence of my 10 years of experience in metalsmithing.
Since my first piece of jewelry, all I wanted was to bring up precious memories which my clients could relate to because remind them about their own memorable experiences. Because when we live memorable moments, we want to treasure it forever.
 Then, I started to rebuild my own way.

Turning the page, Portugal was my next destination 

Diving into a new culture, I discovered jewelry techniques that could make my creations even better: different materials, types of jewelry finishes to create extraordinary pieces, a lot of learning. My experience abroad opened my eyes to what I was able to create and how I could understand my clients to tell their stories in a unique way.
My experience brought me back to me.

Luggage full of new beginnings

Back to my city between the mountains, I realized I was looking for a way to start writing my own story. But something was still missing. From there, I decided to move to Rio de Janeiro, where I stayed for 4 years learning with the best jewelry tutors. For the first time, I felt how beautiful was to live closer to the ocean’s vibe, which could really open my mind (and heart). All the time, I was telling stories with my creations, my collections were sold out, people were enjoying the way I chose to build my brand.

And all my journey brought me here... 

Following my heart, I arrived in the US bringing my recognized expertise to get to know everything about the American handmade jewelry community. And be a good part of it. I want you to narrate your story through my pieces. I want to translate your special moments into handcrafted timeless materials using traditional and contemporary goldsmith techniques, all together. 

...to write a new chapter of my story



2007 - Escola Mineira da Joalheria - Basic Metalsmithing - Minas Gerais - Brasil
2010 - UEMG - Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais - Postgraduate in Jewelry Design - Minas Gerais - Brazil
2011 - Contacto Directo - Contemporary techniques in Metalsmith  - Lisbon - Portugal
2015 - EBJ - Colombian Filigran - Level 1 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2015 - IED - Istituto Europeo di Design - Short Course - Jewelry Design - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2016 - EBJ - Escola Brasileira de Joalheria - Stone Setting - level 1- Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2018 - EBJ - Escola Brasileira de Joalheria - Metalsmith Advanced - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil



2010 - Finalist at AngloGold Auditions Brasil (largest gold jewelry design contest in the world)
Piece: Elos - Raquel Rocha Muniz and Lis Haddad
2011 - Guest Artist - Year Calendar of Minas Gerais State 2011 - Imprensa Oficial de Minas Gerais - Diadorim Collection.



Joialerismo Expo 2015 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Important Handcrafted Jewelry Exposition in Brazil
Joialerismo Expo 2016 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Important Handcrafted Jewelry Exposition in Brazil
Semana de Design do Rio 2016 - Circuito Bhering - A week dedicated to design in Rio
Semana de Design do Rio 2017 - Circuito Bhering - A week dedicated to design in Rio