Collection: Create Your Own Necklace

If you saw us at a market and are looking to create your necklace on-line here is how you can build your piece. 

  1. Choose your chain and add to cart. We offer 3 lengths (16", 18",20") in sterling silver or 14k gold Filled. If you don't know your favorite length. Get a ruler or a measuring tape and measure a necklace you have.
  2. Choose your charms. You can choose as many charms you want . Due to the weight of the birthday flower charms we highly recommend to only wear one at a time in a chain combined with the other smaller charms. Keep in mind that our chains  are a delicate and dainty piece. So avoid using more than 5 charms at once.
  3. Charms available:
    • Birthday Flowers ( size 15.9 mm or 19mm)
    • Letters (Sizes 9.5 mm or 6.4 mm)
    • Dog Paw (6.4 mm)
    • MAMA (12.7mm)
    • MOM (12.7mm)
    • Leaf (6.4 mm)
    • Mama Bear (12.7mm)
    • Baby Bear (6.4 mm)
    • Mountains (9.5 mm or 12.7mm or 19mm)
    • Gemstones (approx 4mm beads)

You will have to add to cart one - by - one each piece. 

All charms are available in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled. 

Use your imagination. Buy all the charms and change them according to your mood or your look. If you need any assistance send us an email

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Here are some examples: